Welcome to the site of the 'Groninger LevenswetenschappenVereniging Idun', the study association for Biology and Life Science & Technology at the University of Groningen. We organise multiple social, study and career related acitivities every week for almost 1700 members.

Learning Community GLV Idun offers her members a space to study with fellow students by means of a Learning Community. Members can study independently or help each other out. They can walk in and leave at any time during the opening hours. Studying is usually performed quietly, but it is fine to quietly discuss with your classmates and help each other with solving assignments. GLV Idun supplies her members with apples and coffee to fuel their academic endeavours.   19-02-2019: 12:00-17:00...
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What's in a kiss? (Intercultural Competence Workshop) Ever thought that a casual greeting could freak someone out? A kiss is a casual greeting in...
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Suitequiz Hello there, You might be asking, what's going on with the next Wabber activity. Well, here...
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Caco is looking for new members!

Caco is looking for new members!

The Career Committee is looking for new members! Do you already know exactly what...

Sign up for the Beta Business Days 2019!

The Beta Business Days 2019 takes place on the 11th and 12th of March in MartiniPlaza. This unique career event is the perfect opportunity to...

Time to boost your career in Life Sciences on 23 May 2019!

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Only during BCF Career Event, you can meet more than 100 organisations at once! Show them...

Traineeship Certe (Dutch Only)

Start jij je loopbaan bij Certe? Word Trainee en werk mee aan innoverende projecten! Certe is een innovatieve organisatie en wil voorop lopen...

GLV Idun is looking for summaries!

GLV Idun is looking for summaries!

HEY YOU! Did you know that GLV Idun has a summary database? You can find a...