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Covid-19 update: New measurements on campus

Dear members, As the government announced a partial lockdown for the upcoming 3 weeks untill at least 4 December, the faculty of science and... Lees meer

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The studies Biology and Life, Science & Technology are both part of one study association, which is the “Groninger LevenswetenschappenVereniging” (Groninger Life Science Association) Idun, in short GLV Idun. Our association consists of nineteen committees, all of which organize different activities.

Commishier: InNatura

Learning new things doesn't have to be boring. That's something InNatura, as the Braintainment Committee of GLV Idun, likes to show you. Each year, we search for new, informative and fun activities like workshops, lectures, and excursions, open to all members of Idun, to make your time as a student more interesting and amusing! Currently, our...

Commishier: InNatura