Welcome to the site of the 'Groninger LevenswetenschappenVereniging Idun', the study association for Biology and Life Science & Technology at the University of Groningen. We organise multiple social, study- and careerrelated acitivities every week for more than 1500 members.

SpecOps Afterparty Dear SpecOps travellers and other Idunaren, It was beautiful, it was hot, it was amazing. It was a journey like you never experienced before. We know you all wish it had lasted longer, but unfortunately, study called and serious life has begun again. Because we really don’t want it to be over, we organised an awesome afterparty for you, to be back together, share your memories and stories and party with your fellow travellers one more time. At this party, you can view...
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Craft Beer Borrel Dear idunmembers, what a weathertje he? Beer tastes best when you sweat it out immediately...
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