From left to right: Sara Lynn Blanken, Inge Visscher, Mariana Karomi, Jorick Hiemstra, Jurrian de Boer and Circe van der Heide

Board 2016-2017  'Elevant' consists of the following members:
Jorick Hiemstra - Chairman
Mariana Karomi - Secretary
Jurrian de Boer  - Treasurer / Vice-Chairman
Inge Visscher - Internal Affairs / PR-functionary
Circe van der Heide - External Affairs
Sara Lynn Blanken - Education


Hi there everyone, 

My name is Jorick and I’m the chairman of the eleventh board of GLV Idun “Bestuur Elevant”. I’m around since 2012, although not very actively involved with Idun in my first year. After being actively involved in multiple committees and founding a ‘dispuut’. I thought it might be my turn to do something back for the association and applied for the position I’m in right now. :-) After this year I hope to (finally) finish my Bachelor in Marine Biology and start the equally named Masters programme.
Have a nice day!


My name is Mariana and I am in my fourth year of the major Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences. This year I am the secretary of the board Elevant. I am in charge of the correspondence of our study association. Furthermore, I have to do the minutes of each official meeting and it is very important for me to have an overview on all activities of the association. Finally, I am in charge of the membership management of our 1700 members. Now, I hope it is more clear to you what my contribution is to the board!
Hugs and Kisses,


Hi There! I’m Jurrian and I’m currently spending my third study year as treasurer of the board of GLV Idun. My Idun-career started off last year as treasurer of the Career Committee and soon after that, I joined the Business Affairs, of which I’m still a member. Now, I enjoy spending my days at ‘Het Hok’ working for the association and managing the association’s finances in general. You can always approach me with questions and comments on these matters. I hope to see you soon on our upcoming activities!

I’m a Inge Visscher, 21 years old and a third year behavioral and neuroscience student. This year I am the commissioner of internal affairs and PR functionary. I will take care of all the committees within Idun. So if you have any questions about a committee or activities, I’m your (wo)man! If you want to dance away your problems or just want to drink some tea/coffee, you are welcome at ‘Het Hok’.
kiss kiss,


I am Circe, 21 years old and I just finished by Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences last year. This year I am putting my study on a hold and will spend my time as a member of the 11thboard of Idun! I am going to be in charge of the external affairs of GLV Idun. It is my task to keep in contact with external parties and companies. By staying in touch with companies from different fields in Biology I hope to give our members an overvieuw of the possibilites after their study.

My name is Sara Lynn and I am a third year Biomedical Sciences student. Since September 2016 I am the Commissioner of Education of the 11th GLV Idun board. My daily activities concern the book sale, course evaluations and everything else related to education. For example, I take place in national biology meetings where I join board members from other cities. Also, I am a member of the programme committee. This is a group of students and professors who discuss the quality of, and issues related to our study. As Commissioner of Education you have the important job to take care of everything concerning the study. Hopefully, this short text made it more clear what it means to be Commissioner of Education!
Sara Lynn