From left to right: Delân Çağlar, Robin Merjenburgh, Anna Wolters, Brienne Wiersema, Sjoerd Heegstra, Jelleke de Jonge 

Board 2017-2018  'Eureka' consists of the following members:

Brienne Wiersema - Chairman
Anna Wolters - Secretary
Sjoerd Heegstra  - Treasurer 
Robin Merjenburgh - Internal Affairs & Public Relations
Jelleke de Jonge - External Affairs & Vice-Chairman
Delân Çağlar - Education



My name is Brienne and I’m the chairman of the twelfth board of GLV Idun. I started my study in 2014, which makes me a fourth year student in the major Biomedical Sciences. In previous years I have been active in the Foreign Affairs and in the First Years Committee. This year I hope to give something  back to the association and to have a great year with my fellow board members and all our members. You are welcome at our ‘Hok’ any time and we are happy to answer your questions and provide you with coffee and tea!


GLV Idun is a beautiful association and I am proud to say that I am the secretary of board Eureka this year. I have been active in the sports committee and in the financial committee the last few years. I will be making the notes of General Members and Committee Assemblies. I really enjoy helping people with their questions and making sure the board is represented at many activities. For questions or anything I am available at the board room or by e-mail of course!

Kind regards,



Hi There!

I’m Sjoerd and I’m currently spending my third study year as the treasurer  of the twelfth board of GLV Idun. I am very much excited for the upcoming year as a board member. My Idun-career started off with my involvement in the EI (first years introduction) and in Ted van der Parre.  This year, I will be managing Idun’s finances and work for the association in general. You can always approach me with questions of comments regarding the association finances. I hope to see you all in our ‘Hok’ and at our activities!

Hey everyone,

My name is Robin Merjenburgh and I am in my fourth and final year of the Undergraduate Program of Biomedical Engineering. This year I am the Commissioner of Internal Relations and Public Relations functionary of the twelfth board of GLV Idun. So If you have any questions about committees or activities, you can ask them to me! I started being active in Idun in my second year by joining the PaparazCie. After a year full of fun and instructive activities, I got more and more involved within the association. This lead to a second and third committee that I applied for; the party committee (FCP) and the auditing committee (KasCo). I enjoyed being part of this community so much that I would love to give other people this opportunity as well! Therefore I will dedicate myself to a board year at this amazing association.

See you soon!





My name is Jelleke and I am a third year Biomedical Sciences student. This year I will spend my time as a member of the 12th board of GLV Idun! I am the Commissioner of External Relations and thereby it will be my task to keep in contact with external parties and companies. Besides that, I help, together with the Business Affairs, the different committees if they want to get in contact with external parties. I hope to give our members an overview of the many possibilities in the different fields in Biology after their study. 

See you soon!


Hi there!

My name is Delân Çağlar, I’m 21 years old and I’m currently in my fifth year of the Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences Undergraduate Program. I’m also in my second year of the Mathematics Bachelor. I’m putting my studies on hold however to spend this academic year as Commissioner of Education of the twelfth Board of GLV Idun. I spend my time managing the book sale, evaluating courses with students and coordinators and everything else related to education. For questions or remarks about anything study related, you can always approach me!