Current Board


Board 2023-2024

Sieuwert Molema (2019) Chairman
Anouk Teelken (2019) Secretary
Iris Berkel (2021) Treasurer
Anette Hallik (2020) Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Bowi Heeren (2021) Commissioner of External Affairs
Silke Hulshoff (2018) Commissioner of Education



My name is Sieuwert Molema and I have been given the amazing opportunity to be this year's chairman of GLV Idun! Before I started this year I just finished my bachelors in Ecology and Evolution. During my bachelors I spent much of my time with the Party Committee (FCP), where I got to put all my creativity and passion into not only parties, but also many other activities. I enjoyed and developed myself a lot during those years, which led to me applying for a board position. I am excited to learn so much more and I can’t wait to see what this year is going to bring us!

I spend a lot of my free time creating videos, cooking, or playing sports. You will often find me at the ACLO, playing either football, padel, or doing weight training. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at all the upcoming activities, and of course in the boardroom. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.

Take care.


My name is Anouk Teelken, I am a 24 year old Ecology and Evolution student. And I will be the board’s secretary this year! So whenever you send an email to us I will see it and possibly even react to it. Additionally to emailing my heart out, I am also the confidential contact person of our board. So if you ever feel the need to just share your thoughts or problems I am here as a listening ear.

You might have seen me around the suite where I enjoy the occasional snack or drink. I did become second in the snack competition last year (not to brag). Or have seen me around with my friends of the the sports committee (S.L.A.K.) where I have been active for multiple years. I had a great time in my committee, but decided it was time to step up with the big kids and do a board year. Aside from Idun I like to play sports like climbing, race biking and random ACLO sports and have a love for puzzles. I look forward to seeing you in the Hok to discuss your favourite snack or just talk about how your day is going! 

See yah!



Hi there!

I’m Iris Berkel, a 20-year-old student from the beautiful city of Ommen. I’m in my third year of the Integrative Biology major but starting to love the Ecology and Evolution one more and more. This year you will probably find me in the Idun boardroom every day, in which I’m busy with the finances of the association :) as I will be the board’s treasurer this year! Besides all the money, I will spend my time on the promotional efforts put into Idun, as one says: I’m one of the PR functionaries.

I have been active in the entertainment committee, De Wabber, for the last two years now, organizing amazing events as well as enjoying all of the other activities Idun has to offer. I enjoyed this time in Idun so much that I decided to dedicate my time to the association even more! Aside from Idun I like to play field hockey at my ‘homehome’ and jog now and then. I also love to spend time with my friends, family and my pets <3

If you ever see me chill and eat snacks in the suite or see me partying at Idun activities, don’t hesitate to talk to me. I can’t wait to meet all of you!


P.S. if you ever have a snack suggestion for the suite, you can tell me! ;)

Hey there!

I’m Anette Hallik, a 22 year old Life Science and Technology student from Estonia. This year you can find me in the Idun boardroom and at events as the Commissioner of Internal Affairs, or as you might hear in the ‘streets’ of Idun, Intern. That matches up as I am also the second ever international board member in Idun. I come from up north where the nights are darker and winters colder, but people are warm-hearted. With three years of living in Groningen, I’ve learned the tricks of eierballen, hagelslag and eating broodje kaas for lunch, but I am always eager to learn more about the dutch culture.

I’ve been in Idun for over three years now, and I could not have enjoyed that time more! I have been in the editorial committee Lifeline, creating beautiful magazines for Idun, as well as exploring all the diverse activities that Idun has to offer.
When I’m not in the boardroom, I enjoy jogging, reading books, doing some art and listening to vinyls and singing along with them.
I’m always up for a chat, cup of coffee, and any exciting adventures!
See you around!



Hello there!

General Members… I mean: I’m Bowi Heeren, a 20 year old Ecology and Evolution student from the cosy Frisian village of Grou. During this year you will see me running around on campus or even the whole of Groningen. From meeting to meeting, call to call, email to email. I will be the Commissioner of External Affairs this year, this means that I, with the help of the Business committee (BAf), am responsible for supplying Idun with big lumps of cash to fuel our amazing activities. So if you ever have a new idea that could bring in some money, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Apart from all this business I have also been active in the entertainment committee, De Wabber, for the last two years now together with Iris. There I have been busy with organising fun events like the Beer Pong tournament, which I have even won before. So if you like a challenge, I will see you at the other end of the table next tournament!
Next to Idun life, I am usually busy with driving my motorbike, gaming, petting my cats or up to some other tomfoolery. If you see me chilling in the Suite, I’m always up for a quick talk, coffee or a stupid debate about nothing.

See you around!


I am Silke Hulshoff and I’m the Commissioner of Education this year! I am a 23 year old Biology student from Bolsward and after five years of studying  I got my bachelor in Behaviour and Neurosciences (maybe the extra experience will help me in my function). If you want to complain about your courses, teachers, exams or anything study related, I am the person to go to! Next to this I am also the commissioner of sustainability. I am very interested in sustainability and try to incorporate this into my life, so I'm really enthusiastic about fulfilling this role. If you have any sustainable ideas, let me know! 

For the past three years I was part of the Paparazcie, the photo committee. I really enjoyed taking pictures of everyone at events and of moments that you might forget, you probably have seen the results on the website ;). The photographer in me won’t leave, so you will continue seeing me behind the camera. 

Besides Idun, I like to go for a run, try out Aclo group lessons, play the saxophone, cook, go to music festivals and play games like Catan, Halli Galli or Jungle Speed. And all of it preferably with friends and family! 

I am looking forward to seeing you all, you can always come to me for a chat!