Board 2018-2019  'Apollo'


From left to right: Suzanne Jansen, Manouk Beuving, Margot van den Beukel, Jurre Roeleveld, Floris Pekel, Sem Foreman

Board 2018-2019

Jurre Roeleveld (2015) Chairman
Margot van den Beukel (2015) Secretary
Floris Pekel (2016) Treasurer
Manouk Beuving (2016) Commissioner of Internal Affairs/PR functionary
Sem Foreman (2015) Commissioner of External Affairs/Vice-chairman
Suzanne Jansen (2015) Commissioner of Education/PR functionary

Hey everyone,

My name is Jurre Roeleveld and I am the Chairman of the board this year. I am a fourth year student who just finished his bachelor in Biomedical Engineering. The moment that I started studying in Groningen is also the year that I started to become involved with Idun. In these years I have been a proud member of the sports committee (S.L.A.K.), acquisition committee (BAF), audit committee (KasCo) and G.H.D. Exquise. This year I hope to spread my enthusiasm to all of you so don’t hesitate to come to the Hok for any questions or just a cup of coffee!

See you soon,



I’m Margot and I will be the secretary of the thirteenth board of GLV Idun. I’ve been an active member of GLV Idun for two years as I joined the Foreign Affairs and the GBC 100 year committee. Even though I’m passionate about plants and the molecular life sciences, I’m looking forward to spend my year on the Hok. I’ll be responsible for the minutes of the General Members and Committee Assembly, the email and the members administration. If you have any questions or just want to chat, our board is always welcoming members to the Hok.



Hi there!

I’m Floris and I’m going to be the treasurer of the thirteenth board of GLV Idun for this study year. Currently I’m going into my third year as a student in the wonderful city called Groningen a.k.a. “Grunn”. In my first two years I was a member of the committee called the FA (Foreign Affairs), as well as the audit committee (Kasco) and I’m still a member of G.H.D. Exquise. I enjoyed my time with all the incredible people of Idun so much, that I decided to apply for a board year. This year I will be responsible for the finances of Idun. Besides that I will work for the association in general. In my free time I like to play a lot of sports or listen to almost any kind of music.

I hope to see you guys at our activities or at the Hok in the Linnaeusborg. Feel free to walk up to me if you’ve any questions, or just feel like talking.

Peace out,
Floris Pekel



My name is Manouk, I am 20 years old and I’m a third year Biomedical Sciences student. This year, I will spend my time as the Commissioner of Internal Affairs and PR functionary of the thirteenth board of GLV Idun. I will be there for all your questions about activities and the committees, and I also will lead the GCAs. I have been part of the Business Affairs and the Foreign Affairs last year and I’m still a member of the Wurtols.

I hope to see you all at the Hok and our activities!

With love,


Hey there lovely people!

My name is Sem, 20 years of age and since last year, I finished my Bachelor in Behavior & Neurosciences. During my active membership at GLV Idun, I have been a member of the Career Committee, Year Representation, Audit Committee and Council of Advice. I am also part of G.H.D. Exquise and have been a member of the BSc Programme Committee of Biology and LS&T. The coming year, I will do my utmost to get Idun the best discount deals, collaborations and, ofcourse, a lot of extra money as Commissioner of External Affairs (and vice-chairman). I am extremely motivated to introduce interesting companies to Idun and discover ways to work together, (hopefully) ultimately leading to great career-related activities and some extra budget to spend.

If you have any awesome ideas, questions or if you feel like talking, please always feel free to walk up to me. I hope to see you soon!





My name is Suzanne Jansen, I’m 22 years old and I finished my Bachelor in Life Science & Technology (majoring in Molecular Life Sciences) last year. I have been an active GLV Idun member since my first year as a student, by being a member of culture committee Idiomotor, of the Year Representation, and of the Council of Advice. Before I start my masters, I will spend this academic year as Commissioner of Education of the thirteenth Board of GLV Idun. I am in charge of managing the book sale, course evaluations, organizing tutoring classes, keeping in touch with the University and everything else related to education. In my free time, I enjoy making music or acting.

If you have any questions, suggestions and whatnot about anything study related, or if you just want to have a chat, you can always talk to me!

See you around,