What is ATKB?

If someone has a research question and wants an answer they can rely on. A sustainable recommendation that has been examined from all angles. By people who understand how things really are. Independent specialists who not only tackle the subject with both hands but also understand it. Experts with more than just knowledge of the matter. Down-to-earth specialists driven by their intrinsic curiosity. Who dig, probe, and fish together because they naturally want to know the outcome. And they won't stop until they have uncovered all the answers. All for one reason: to provide the best personal answer to the question.

ATKB provides advice in the field of nature and the living environment. With these recommendations, we make an environmentally and socially responsible contribution to the sustainable use of our living environment. We offer services to the government, businesses, and individuals and strive for sustainable business operations.

Working towards a sustainable society is translated into caring for people, nature, and the living environment. Our employees are our working capital, with which we continuously respond to changing customer needs. The care for our employees and customers is central. As a socially conscious enterprise, we also take our responsibility in the social field outside our office.