Support healthcare professionals with the best healthcare ICT. That is what we at ChipSoft do. Our software ensures that everyone in healthcare can fully focus on their most important task. With a user-friendly solution, HiX and Zorgplatform, we support healthcare professionals in every conceivable work process in the healthcare chain. And we perfect and renew those solutions every day.

A doctor monitoring a patient with COVID19 in the ICU? He uses HiX. A nurse who looks at patient information and registers measured values? HiX. A capacity manager who wants to reduce the workload for nurses? HiX. Patients who want to see their results? HiX. And so we can go on and on. HiX is the electronic patient file (EPD) that thinks along with healthcare professionals and patients and at the same time ensures watertight financial settlement of all patient treatments. In addition, HiX creates a crystal-clear performance overview for managers and directors.

With Zorgplatform we offer a service that enables doctors to request which other healthcare organizations have data about their patients available. With the patient's consent, the doctor can then transfer that data to his own EPD. Zorgplatform also ensures optimal communication between health apps for patients, personal health environments (PHEs) and the EPD.

HiX and Zorgplatform support the care of today and the future. The patient is increasingly in control, all types of healthcare institutions and patients are increasingly working together and themes such as data analysis and Artificial Intelligence are becoming increasingly important. And you can contribute to that.