Idiomotor (Creative Committee)

Idiomotor is the committee of creativity in GLV Idun. As the successor of the Biobak, Idiomotor was founded in 1842 and is still going strong. The Idiomotor is a generator that provides creativity and culture for the people of Idun. To keep it running, the motor is fed with coffee, tea and beer. 

When the Idiomotor is doing it’s hard work, it creates a liquid than can be poured over clothing, resulting in fantastic tie dye patterns. This brightly coloured fluid is also shaped into activities like improv workshops and nights of festivities. During these, your heartbeat is held tenderly by the beat of the drums and your mind floats on the melody of the music by the people of Idun during Idun Takes the Stage. You can also experience this feeling yourself during the jam session. 

When the Idiomotor wants to take a break, it likes to walk around the city, to look at all the stunning art Groningen has to offer on it’s street. It organizes an Arts Tour for company and so all friends can tag along

At the end of the day, it likes to reward itself with snacks and more beer, and a paint along with Bob Ross. Maybe it even thinks of more activities or workshops. 

If you want to join and provide fuel for the Idiomotor, be sure to let us know. Otherwise, you can always come enjoy the hard work the Idiomotor is doing.