FCP (Party Committee)

So you have come to learn about the FCP (FeestCommissiePartysquad)? We are known for many things, and we would love to brag about all of them but it is not very trustworthy if this info comes from us. So why not listen to some of these quotes about the FCP?

‘’A group of wonderful people’’ - Our moms
‘’They put the ‘helemaal’ in ‘helemaal naar de klote’’’ - Fellow members of GLV Idun
‘’Not the most annoying committee’’ - The Board of GLV Idun
‘’Please stop asking us to play at your activities’’ - Management of famous band Toto

All jokes aside, the FCP is the committee that organizes the fun monthly parties that this association deserves. These parties are called the ‘IduNacht’ and are a very nice occasion to let loose, enjoy some drinks and get to know new people form our study! They are held are held in the bar ‘Het Pakhuis’ located in the center of Groningen, and are not your run of the mill parties either, no no no. Most of the time these parties have a theme as well. Such as; 80’s disco, Halloween, Octoberfest, American frat party, farmer’s night etc. When there is a theme a lot of people come dressed for the theme, not only is this fun, there is an incentive for you as well. The Paparazcie is there to capture you in your best moments, and the person who is dressed best gets a prize!

In addition to these parties, we also organize the pubcrawl, yearly ball and the cantus! The pubcrawl is an activity meant to get everyone acquainted with the bars and pubs in Groningen. We take you on a journey through the heart of Groningen and at every bar we have some nice drinks prepared for you. This year you can join us on the 27th of September, be sure to SIGN UP!

The ball is our biggest activity, for which we plan and prepare waaaay ahead of time to make sure it will become a night to remember for all of you! The ball also has a different theme every year. We do this to make sure no ball is the same. We also organise First Dates, were you might just find the love of your life during a blind date, where all the couples have been carefully matched based on our own Cupid. Last but not least is the cantus. The Cantus is a night filled with beer, songs and laughter. The more drunk everyone gets, the better (and louder) the singing becomes!

So if you not only enjoy parties, but also enjoy hosting the best parties Idun has ever seen, we are looking for you!! 
You can apply HERE, see you soon at our pub crawl or applications ;)

Hugs and kisses,