Educational Organizations

Around 400 students start with Biology, Life Science & Technology, Biomedical Engineering or one of the associated Masters every year. All of these students want the best education, so we need copartnership to secure the quality of education. Participation exists on several levels. Choose one of our copartners in the menu to get more information about this council.

​The Bètastuf is a student council in the faculty of Science and Engineering. They collect opinions of students, for example via the PC's, and present these opinions to the Faculty Board. The Bètastuf organizes events where everyone can discuss things that are going on in the faculty.

You can find more information on their website. 

BioMedisch StudentenOverleg (BMSO) is a representative body for students of all biomedical sciences bachelors and masters in the Netherlands. In monthly meetings, biomedical students get together to help each other with problems and to learn from each other. BMSO has a "menu" for all biomedical bachelors and masters. These menus give an overview of all available biomedical bachelors and masters.

Visit the website for more information and for the bachelor and master menus.

The Faculty Council is a consultative platform, that is, the council advises the Faculty Board about policy with regard to research and teaching and about the budget. The Board must have the approval of the Council in the following two situations: changes to the faculty regulations and changes to the Teaching and Examination Regulations.

The University of Groningen has 10 faculties and each faculty has a Faculty board. This board consists of the dean (also portfolio holder for research), vice-dean (also portfolio holder for teaching) and portfolio holder for funds. Besides this, the faculty board has a student member that participates in the meetings. This student advises the faculty board and represents the opinion of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Besides this, the student educates students in the Programme Committees, Faculty Council and study associations. He/she knows a lot about what is going on at the faculty and can therefore help the participation councils.

The International Student Congress Of (bio)Medical Sciences (ISCOMS) is one of the world’s leading student congresses in the field of (bio)medical sciences. This year, the 26th edition of ISCOMS takes place from the 3rd till the 7th of June 2019 in Groningen (UMCG).

ISCOMS is one of the world's leading student congresses in (bio)medical sciences. ISCOMS is not just any regular congress however, it is a non-profit organisation made up of students that aims to promote student research and the international exchange of it. Throughout their three day congress, they therefore offer a stimulating venue for student research exchange and give students the opportunity to broaden their social and scientific network. Their scientific programme includes different researches from students all over the world which are presented in poster, oral, or plenary form in front of an international and professional audience. Along with these student sessions, there are fascinating keynote lectures and hands-on workshops. Along with a rich scientific programme, they also have an elaborate social programme, filled with dinners and parties giving a chance for all the participants to get to know and have fun with each other and the ISCOMS organisation.

You can find more information about ISCOMS here.

Landelijk Overleg Biologie Studenten (LOBS) is a group of students from all biology bachelors and masters in the Netherlands. The goal of LOBS is to look after the interests of all biology students by organizing montly meetings to discuss problems and developments at all universities. LOBS also maps all biology-related bachelors and masters and their content. 

Every year, LOBS organizes a Master Day (masterdag) in Utrecht where all biology masters present themself. This event is for second and third years' bachelor students who are orienting on different master options. It is usually held mid-January. Also, LOBS organizes a yearly congress in Burgers' Zoo mid-December. This congress, the NCBS (National Congress BiologieStudenten), is for everyone who is interested in biology. Students (bachelor and master) can also participate in the thesis contest at the NCBS.

For more information about LOBS and her activities, take a look here.

NBTE: Netherlands society of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering. This society aims to promote the interests of biomaterial science and tissue engineering in the Netherlands and to stimulate cooperation between universities, institutions and industries in these domains. For this purpose the society:

  • Organizes conferences such as the annual NBTE meeting Lunteren and the CR@E/ICMS/NBTE mini-symposium
  • Promotes collaborations with related national and international societies
  • Offers exhibition space to sponsor
  • Awards a prize for the best thesis in biomaterial science or tissue engineering

Want to know more about NBTE, click here.

The University Council is a participation council of the "College van Bestuur", the highest board of the University of Groningen. The University Council consists of 12 staff members and 12 student members. These student members are chosen yearly by students that can vote on them via ProgressWWW. There are 3 parties in the University Council: Studenten Organisatie Groningen (SOG), lijst Calimero and Lijst Student Erkend (STERK). There is also one presidium member in the University Council. This council discusses policy on the university level.

For more information about the University Council, click here.