Educational Support from the RUG

General information about your study programme

For most questions, you can find the answer on the Student Portal. Visit and log in with your student number (S number) and password. In the blue header, select "Study Info" and select your study programme. This page contains a lot of information and frequently asked questions. You can for example find information regarding the Binding Study Advise (BSA), major or specialisation choice, studying abroad, and graduation.

Education Support Centre

The Education Support Centre (ESC) supports students and lecturers of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) both digitally and personally. ESC staff members include programme coordinators, academic advisors, schedulers and staff involving internationalisation, secretarial support, and student administration.

More information about the Education Support Centre can be found here.

All contact information about the academic advisors can be found here.

Student Service Centrum (SSC)

It is possible that the transition from high school to university is a bigger step than expected, which can lead to struggles with studying. Also, you can have some special needs because of a learning disability (ADD, ADHD, ASD, dyslexia etc) or a physical disability. In this case, you can contact the SSC for study accompaniment. The SSC is for all RUG students who need advise, training and coaching. Depending on your question, a fitting solution will be chosen.

More information can be found here.‚Äč