FA (Foreign Affairs)

The Foreign Affairs (FA) is thé committee of GLV Idun when it comes to anything foreign. We generally depend on 10 to 13 members that meet every Monday to have dinner together and to talk about our activities. There are four different ones that we organise each year for all members of Idun. These are the hitchhiking weekend, Special Dinner (Plus Alcohol) or SDPA, Winter FAcation and SpecOps! Three of those activities are trips abroad, and one is a big dinner with one country as theme.

Last year we went to Brugge, Sauze d'Oulx and Arhus, and we cooked a traditional dinner from Jordan!

So are you a fantastic cook? Do you love travelling and organizing trips? Are you excited to get a committee that consists basically out of some of your best friends?

Then you might just be the person we are looking for! Be sure to apply, as we would love see you at our applications :)

Since we also love to go to other Idun activities, we’ll be sure to see you there! ​