Lifeline (Magazine Committee)

We are the Lifeline and we make it our utmost priority to deliver an amazing magazine to the members of GLV Idun four times a year.  
Through university drama and chaos our hearts won’t skip a beat and our lifeline ensures passionate and miraculous members who always come back stronger than a 90’s trend. We wonder about all the toughest questions of life, and also simpler random questions, of which the majority are answered in our ‘Marit’s mythbusters’ column. Besides enlightening Idun members with great knowledge, we also brainstorm during meetings about the best student tips to guide our fellow students through uni. 

Speaking of meetings, every Tuesday we cosy up under some blankets with a cup of tea (or any other beverage of choice, we don’t judge!) and most importantly: good company. In addition, we discuss important matters concerning the Lifeline’s content and throw our purest artful emotions at Indesign to make the layout of our magazine breathtaking. We are a diverse group of creatives, from writing to grammar checking to layouting, we do it all. And whenever we are not, we like to bond as a group by having game nights and intercultural brunches. Whether you like to read a small fun fact in Science News or a long thoroughly described article, we got you covered. Or do you feel more like just looking at drunk faces of last IduNight which can be found on the pages filled with Paparazcie’s pictures?  Perhaps you’d like to read about Bas and his Beasts or check out our theme related tier list? The Lifeline is the right place for you! We have it all. Whether you are the chairwoman or the Iduzzle winner, the Lifeline is there for its readers, online and in paper. It will always represent the beautiful people that produce it, and make the committee as marvellous as she is.  

Lots of love, 

The Lifeline