What is a committee?

Committee is a tight group of people (usually 8-15 people), who work together for a mutual goal. In Idun these goals can vary from sport activities, parties, international travels to magazines and yearbooks. Committiees serve as a cool extracurricular activities, but also as a social group, with whom to hang out and visit various Idun activities.

GLV Idun consists of 20 different committees. You can read more about these committees on the subpages of this website, and see which of them excites you the most!

Become an active Idunaar!

An active Idunaar or an active Idun member is a member who is a part of a committee. The active member community of Idun spends a lot of time together at various Idun events or just chilling in the members lounge. Being an active Idunaar is like being in a huge happy family, who you can party with, study together, cook and figure out your new and exciting student life here in Groningen!

If you have acquainted yourself with all our committees, and would like to join, find info for applying HERE.