As a student, many demands are made of you, and you can run into different kinds of problems during yor student time. On this page, we will provide you with information, our activities related to student well-being, and support resources. For most problems, contacting the academic advisor of your program is most practical. If, for some reason, this is not ideal, contacting the confidential counsellor of the university can be helpful. You can also find the confidential counsellors of GLV Idun here. 

Confidential Contact

Do you have something on your mind, a confidential question, or any concerns about GLV Idun? The confidential contacts are glad to take a walk or drink a cup of coffee with you to talk about your questions. You can always contact them via the contact information below. 

Confidential Contact GLV Idun internal:
Anouk Teelken - anoukteelken@outlook.com
+316 18128365

Confidential Contact GLV Idun external:
Mateo Bril - MateoBrilR@gmail.com
+316 38933254

Study Advisors

Information about mental health University of Groningen

Click here to read more about student well-being

If you are experiencing a crisis situation, please click here

Resources University of Groningen

The Student Service Center of the RUG offers various courses and workshops related to mental health which mostly are free of charge. Workshops and courses are provided in the following area's:

  • Study Skills
    • Effective Studying
    • Dare to give a presentation
    • Academic Writing Skills
    • Speedreading
  • Self-Discipline
    • Thesis Support Group
    • Quit Procastinating
  • Personal development
    • Overcome your fear of failure
    • Socializing for internationals
    • Embrace imperfection
  • Managing stress
    • Mindfullness Based Stress Reduction

Within the RUG, several options listed below are available for individual support. You can click on each of them for more information. 

Other resources and tips

If you are experiencing mental problems, you can contact your GP. They can then put you in touch with suitable care providers within their own general practice or elsewhere. It's important to be registered with a GP, and to take out health insurance. Without this, you would not be possible to be reimbursed for the cost of any care. You can find more information on how to find a GP here.

If you're looking for a GP specialised in forking with foreign students and expats, you can check out StudentArts here

Some examples of well-known mental support outside the RUG in Groningen are:

For students who in these uncertain times need a listening ear, All Ears offers the opportunity to speak to one of their studentworkers.

Wake up Student coaching

If you struggle with mental health, stress, fear of failure, or motivation problems, you can sign up for various coaching trajectories at Wake Up Student Coaching. In these trajectories, your personal challenges and complaints receive the attention they need. 

You can also contact them for study- and career advice. You can plan your intake within a week after registration. Finally, they offer various workshops and write blogs about things relevant to students. For more information, you can click the following link: Wakeupstudent.nl | Student Coaching

Sexual Health

For information about sexual health, click here (in Dutch).

For resources regarding sexual abuse, click here.