First Year Committee

The First Years Committee (FYC) consists of 5-9 first year students. We are in this committee for one year, afterwards a new group of first years takes over. This is an ideal place if you are new at Idun and want to become active in the association and learn what a life in a committee is like.

The FYC organizes four to six activities per year. We have one set activity, which is very famous within Idun – the annual Cocktail party. At this event everyone dresses appropriately and drinks a lot of tasty and cheap cocktails. We are free to fill in the remaining activities as we like. Another thing we are responsible for is our logo - each year we design our own one. To make all of this happen, we are holding meetings. Those are easy to plan and they do not interfere with our studies as, since we are all first years, we have our lectures and exams at around the same times.

The FYC is a great way to get to know your fellow students and make long-lasting friends. As during the year, apart from organizing fun activities, we also get to know each other by having dinner together, going out, having drinks, attending the activities organized by other committees and going on a committee weekend. If you feel like this committee is a place for you, apply! You won't regret it :)