Almanac Committee

We are the Almaniacs! Our committee consists of enthusiastic and creative Idunaren, who have the honor to immortalize everything that happens at Idun this year. After the loss of the complete committee a few years ago, we brought it back to its former glory!

We meet every other week, discussing everything about the almanac. Furthermore, we collect all the pieces that are written by the other committees, disputes and our dear brothers and sisters. We write amazing editorials and maybe most importantly, we design everything!! Every written word passes our critical eyes before it is printed in our almanac.

But we are also the committee that goes for midnight swims on Ameland, that makes kahoots about pheasants and that asks you what your favorite dinosaur is. We are the committee that’s present at nearly every Idunight and that ‘treks an adt’, together, voluntarily, breaking records every week. We are the committee that comes up with a new tasty recipe for every committee meeting, the committee that celebrates each other’s birthdays and that has the best lasagna recipe that has ever existed. So yes, we are the Almanac Committee, but we are so much more than that.

Do you want to join us for midnight swims and design an almanac meanwhile? JOIN THE ALMANAC!