CaCo (Career Committee)

Hey there tiger!
Great choice joining Idun and visiting the site! In many years to come, you’ll have a lot of choices to make. The majority will have a huge impact on your future! But logically, most won’t know which path to choose. Therefore, the Career Committee (CaCo) was brought into existence in 2013, to help our fellow Idunaren on their journey to achieving everything they ever dreamed of. In the current economic situation, vacancies are not quite abundantly present. So, you’ll have to distinguish yourself from others by expanding your CV and acquaint yourself with job applications. The earlier the better!

We’ll try to support you in doing this by organizing all kinds of events, such as workshops, company tours, lunch lectures and social network drinks. Awareness of your abilities and how to exploit these is key! This way, we hope to give you a head start as both a student and future (successful) professional.

If you want to help us organise all these activities, don't forget to apply here!

With love,

The CaCo