EcoReest is an ISO 9001:2015 certified environmental consultancy, which supports their clients through independent research and advice to achieve the client's personal, business and social goals. Their pragmatic approach, fun, trust and purposeful work are the basis of their work. Ecoreest consists of consultants and field staff with various specialisms. They were founded in 1994 and work from offices in Zuidwolde (Dr.), Groningen and Almere.

Their team currently consists of 40 enthusiastic employees. Each with their own personality and talents, as well as specialist knowledge. Through training, courses and the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience, they ensure that every employee remains up-to-date about the general and specialist knowledge.

EcoReest carries out research and advise in the field of soil, buildings and ecology. When talking about ecological research you can think about research into bats, house sparrows and swifts in buildings. These species - and their nesting and habitats - are protected under the Natuurbescherming (Nature Conservation) Act. Before a client, for example a housing corporation, will renovate, demolish or make its homes more sustainable, it will have to be investigated whether these activities lead to a violation of the Natuurbescherming Act. This starts with one quick scan and afterwards further species-oriented research, for example looking at night with a bat detector to bats!

But of course they do much more than research into bats, feel free to drop by to see what the work of an ecologist entails!