We support our clients in achieving their personal, business, and societal goals through our independent research and advice. Our pragmatic approach, enjoyment, trust, and goal-oriented work form the foundation of our work.
Our organization consists of consultants and fieldworkers with various specialties. We were founded in 1994 and operate from offices in Hoogeveen (Dr.), Groningen, and Almere. Eco Reest Holding is an ISO 9001:2015 certified environmental consultancy.

Our Team
Currently, our team comprises 40 enthusiastic employees, each with their own personality, talents, and specialized knowledge. Through training, courses, and the exchange of knowledge and experience, we ensure that each employee acquires current general and specialist knowledge.

Our Field of Work
We conduct research and provide advice in the areas of soil, buildings, and ecology. Ecological research includes studying bats, house sparrows, and swifts in buildings. These species and their nesting and dwelling places are protected under the Nature Conservation Act. Before a client, such as a housing corporation, renovates, demolishes, or makes buildings more sustainable, it must be investigated whether these activities violate the Environmental Law. This starts with a quick scan and then more specific research, like searching for bats at night with a bat detector!

But, of course, we do much more than bat research. Feel free to drop by and see what the work of an ecologist entails! If you have any questions, you can contact Margreet ter Steege ( or 06-455 95 236)."