The structure of GLV Idun

These 7 different structures work together to make up our amazing association. On this page, you can read a short description of each one of them. Click on the titles if you want to access more information.


GENERAL MEMBERS ASSEMBLY: The General Members Assembly or GMA is the moment where the board takes account for their actions and it is also the moment for you to share your views and opinions. All Idun members are welcome to this meeting to receive updates on the Study Association's activities and vote on proposed policies, budgets and reports.

THE BOARD: Idun is represented by the full-time board. Every day, the association is monitored and improved by the efforts of the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Commissioners of Internal Affairs, External Affairs, and Education. Throughout the year, they attend meetings with the university and other associations, keep contact with the members, and organise many educational, social, and career-related events. 

ADVISORY BODIES: The Council of Advice and the Audit Committee together make up Idun's Advisory Bodies, which provide advice and recommendations to the Board in an effort to improve the Study Association. Council of Advice: The CoA provides the board with advice on various matters, such as policy or decisions regarding the association. They also assess the proposals and documents prior to the GMAs and express their opinion on them. Audit committee: They are responsible for the management of association’s funds. They evaluate how effectively the Treasurer performs their duties.

MEMBERS: Idun members are bachelor and master students in the Life Sciences at the University of Groningen but also alumni and friends of Idun. Active members: These are members who are involved in a committee and actively participate in the association’s life. They are part of a close group of students that consists of over 250 active members that go to activities a lot. General members: These are the members that attend events but are not active in a committee. They are however very welcome to attend the General Members Assemblies.

COMMITTEES: Idun has 20 committees that organise several activities such as a ski trip, a symposium, networking drinks or monthly IduNights. The committee members are divided between different functions supported by the specific board members. Because they are a friendly group that looks out for one another, committee members have a lot of fun being active and joining activities together.

GENERAL COMMITTEE ASSEMBLY: A General Committee Assembly or GCA is a meeting between the board and the representatives of the committees. During this meeting, they discuss important matters such as expectations, the functions within the committees, feedback on events and collaboration.

DISPUTEN: A dispuut is a group of members with a common interest, hobby or any other shared interest, who want to express this in the form of a community. Disputen are financially independent from the association and are entirely free in the way they wish to organise and structure themself. Idun has numerous disputen focused on topics such as ecology, interculturality, or being an old board member.