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Life Science & TechnologyBiomedical Engineering
First Year CoursesEvolutionary EcologyOpticsCalculus (BME)

Biochemistry and Cell Biology in Ecology and Evolution

Calculus for LST

Molecules of Life for BME

Research Skills in Life SciencesThermodynamicsStatistics 1

Ecophysiology of Plants and AnimalsPhysiologyLinear Algebra for BME

Research Skills in Ecology & Evolution 1Pharmaceutical Analysis ADynamics and Vibrations


Scientific Reading and Communication Skills

Second/Third Year Courses


Linear AlgebraPython & Numerical Methods

Medical Structural BiologySpectroscopic Tools for Life SciencesMatehmatical Tools (for BME)

ChronobiologyBioinorganic ChemistryApplied Medical Visualization

Systems Ecology and Ecological Interactions 1Quantum & Classical MechanicsBiofabrication

Genes & EvolutionOrganic Chemistry for Life Sciences 2Polymeric Materials for Biomedical Applications

Modelling LifeImagingQuantitative Image Analysis

Genes & BehaviourApplied BiotechnologyElectricity & Magnetism

Consevation BiologyGenetics & EvolutionPhysics & Thchnology of Medical Imaging

Cell Biology & MicroscopyLST&Society: Ethical & Professional AspectsWaves & Optics for BME

Cell Migration and Communication
Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

Bioanalytical & Omics Techniques
Biomedical Sensors

Immunology & Disease

Human Genetics & Genomics
Physicochemical Concepts in Bionanotechnology

Biological Physics

Epigenetics & Gene-Editing
Surface Characterization

Microbes & Infection
Transport of Biological Systems

Biology of Human Behaviour

Biostatistics II

Big Data in Human Disease

Evolutionary Processes

Evolution & Development

Cardiovascular Disease

Molecular Research in Human Disease

Neurobiology of Aging

Marine Biology

Big Data Management in Ecology & Evolution

Enzymology & Thermodynamics

Bio-organic Chemistry

Biology & Society: Ethical & Professional Aspects

Integrative Biology

Medical Physiology



Competences & Professionalism in Biology

Hematopoietic Stem Cells, Differentiation and Development

Evolutionary & Ecological Genomics

Ecological & Evolutionary Modelling