The Council of advice, active since 2010, is a group composed of ex-board members, members with, and without committee experience. In this configuration they can give advice to the board from multiple points of view. The council can be called in by the board, but they can also give ‘unwanted’ advice. Advice given by the council is confidential, so it doesn’t have to be justified at a general members meeting. They meet a couple of times during the year.

The council of advice consists of the following members:
Warner Hoornenborg (Chairman)
Jorick Hiemstra 
Marleen Dommerholt
Sem Foreman 
Suzanne Jansen 
Romy Krikke
Kirsten Muizer
Laura Verweij 
​Loes Woelders
Matthijs Schuiling 

The council can be e-mailed via