Dear members,

As a student, many demands are made of you, and you can run into different kinds of problems during yor student time. On this page, we will provide you with information about student well-being, our activities related to student well-being, and we will provide you with some resources if you need support. For most problems, contacting the academic advisor of your program is most practical. If, for some reason, this is not ideal, contacting the confidential advisor of the university can be helpful. Other sources of support can be found under 'Support'. 

Academic Advisor BSc Biology first year students:
Liisa Heimanacademicadvisorbscbiology@rug.nl

Academic Advisor BSc Biology second and third year students:
Anna Henkel and Karin Weel - academicadvisorBScBiology@rug.nl

Academic Advisor Bsc Life Science & Technology old curriculum untill 2020: 
Anna Henkel and Karin Weel - academicadvisorBScLST@rug.nl

Academic Advisor BSc Life Science & Technology:
Solita van Duins.van.duin@rug.nl

Academic Advisor BSc and Msc Biomedical Engineering:
Elke Noens - academicadvisor.bscbme@rug.nl, academicadvisor.mscbme@rug.nl

Academic Advisor MSc Biology, Biomolecular Sciences, Ecology & Evolution and Marine Biology:
Maartje Giesbersacademicadvisor.MScBIO@rug.nl

Academic Advisor MSc Biomedical Sciences:
Lisette Kleinacademicadvisor.bms@rug.nl

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