Hello, Ciao, Hylô, Guten Tag, Hallo, مرحبا ,Привет, Zdravo

Are you a student who wants to get to know more about the different cultures in our study
association? Or do you want to practice your English and maybe even learn a new language?
Then Gentium is the place for you!
Gentium is a dispute founded on mutual support, intercultural interest and inclusivity, and our
members represent the many different nationalities and cultures within GLV Idun. Gentium
provides a platform for those interested in interculterisation to meet like minded people and form
a close-knit community where their questions can be answered.
With events centered around Dutch & international student culture, Gentium hopes to show you
the world in a new way!
Do you have questions related to international life in the Netherlands? Or want to know more
about our (really) great dispute, and maybe even become a Gentee? Feel free to email us at


Gentium 2021-2022

Linda Koning (2018) Secretary
Zaki Lakhpatwala (2018) General Member
Andrei Onet (2020) PR Functionary
Mirela Perla (2018) PR Functionary
Miriam Patience Prior (2018) Chair