De Wurtols

The myth of Iduna

Who doesn’t know her? The keeper of the apple of eternal youth. GLV Idun owes its name to this beautiful myth. However, a lot of people do not know that Iduna was besides the keeper of the apple also a carrot grower. With lots of love, the most beautiful girls grew up in Iduna’s garden. When a Wurtol-girl turns 18 they move to the big city ‘Grun’. Once in a while a Idunaar turns a little orange. Then a new Wurtol is discovered and the Wurtols-group gets bigger and with that also the fun. Fun is maybe a somewhat innocent expression for us, because usually we are crackling crazy. Together dancing, drinking or on the road; when we see each other we might get boozy. Nothing has to, everything can be except joining as a man.

Nothing is too crazy, nothing is too insane, de Wurtols of Iduna stay forever young!