FA (Foreign Affairs)

​The Foreign Affairs (FA) is thé committee of GLV Idun when it comes to anything foreign. We generally depend on 10 to 13 members that meet every Monday to have dinner together and to talk about our activities. There are four different ones that we organise each year for all members of Idun. These are the hitchhiking weekend, SDPA, WiFA and SpecOps. To find out more about these awesome activities just check out their page in the menu. Do you think you would be a real addition to our committee, or do you have any questions or comments about what we organise, let us know! Since we also love to go to other Idun activities, we’ll be sure to see you there! ​


Foreign Affairs 2019-2020

Kelly Douglas (2018) Secretary
Kas Bijker (2016) Chairman
Aliek Hasperhoven (2016) Vice-chairman
Maud de Jonge (2018) General member
Lonneke Mulder (2018) Head Acquisition
Thomas Westerhuis (2018) General member
Nathan Kisjes (2018) Treasurer
Susanne Hazenberg (2019) General member
Niek Buitenhuis (2017) General member
Ella Kuipers (2019) General member