Almanac Committee

​As a (biology) student you spend lots of time with your nose in a book. Your books will tell you the different phases of the cell-division cycle. They describe the replication of DNA. And all together, they can show you the most fascinating details of all life around us. However, what book is going to help you if you met someone amazing at IduNacht? Of course it is interesting to read about the various hormones that make you feel that way, but what if you are just desperate for his or her phone number? At that point there’s only one book you need: Idun’s almanac. In addition to this convenient information in the ‘smoelenboek’ you can find all of Idun’s committees in the almanac and spot yourself in the pictures that were taken at Idun activities throughout the year. You will read about our study and about other study-associations in Groningen and the rest of the Netherlands. The almanac is not only a crucial ingredient in your life as a student, many years from now it will still be a great book to read. When you’re old and grey, the almanac will bring back memories of the best years of your life. However, the best thing about the almanac is the committee behind it. We are 11 enthusiastic Almaniacs that meet at least every other week. While enjoying tasty meals and drinks we come up with an original almanac theme, write interesting stories and discuss the design of the almanac. And as if that were not enough, we are also great lasergamers! Do you feel like there’s an Almaniac inside you? Send a mail to!


Almanac 2018-2019

Linde van Dongen (2016) Chairman
Mariëlle Hoppenreijs (2016) Secretary
Kyra van der Ploeg (2017) Treasurer
Anne Floor Holtrop (2017) PR & Vice-Chairman
Lotte Alma (2016) Head Lay-out
Maartje Schots (2013) General member
Harm Robert I Bos (2014) General member
Liana Wobben (2014) General member
Laura Verweij (2013) General member
Anne van Dijk (2014) General member
Laura Pikkaart (2016) General member
Eva Geerts (2017) General member
Claudia Cecilia Koster (2018) General member
Bo Krause (2017) General member