In the third year of the bachelors Biology and Life Science & Technology, almost every student has to do a minor. This is a semester of 30 ECTS in which courses can be taken to broaden your knowledge. This can be done in our own bachelor, but also in other bachelors. Besides that, you can also go abroad to experience studying in a different country, so minors are a great opportunity to broaden your horizon. There are several pre-formed minor packages that you can choose from. Besides that, there is also the option to create your own minor.

Because there are so many different minors and because you have to do it for half a year, it is important to look at all the options. To help you with your choice, GLV Idun is collecting personal experiences from people who have already finished their minors. These evaluations can help you to find out what minor suits you.

Have you already done a minor? Fill in the evaluation form and help your fellow students! Evaluations will be published on this page under "Minor evaluations" in due time.

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