Master Community


Are you a masters student? We are looking for you!

GLV Idun is currently working on master inclusion and has therefore introduced the master community within the association. The community welcomes masters students from any biology-related MSc programme, so it is a great way to meet other masters students both within your programme and from others. As a member of the masters community, you are welcome to join in on our organised workshops, career and educational events, and of course social activities.

Interested in joining the committee? Feel free to join our WhatsApp group where we post all of the events we organize, and you can meet and connect with other masters students. To join, use the link below:

Any further questions regarding the master community? Send an email to

Lots of love,
​​​​​​​The Master Community

Master community 2022-2023

Anne Coerts (2018) Treasurer
Miriam Patience Prior (2018) Secretary
Ella Rees-Baylis (2018) Chairwoman