Running Dinner

Running Dinner

Are you interested in joining an Idun committee?

The board has organised a running dinner where you can meet our committees. Together with a small group of other Idun members you will visit a location for each committee, allowing you to socialize with the committee while you are enjoying the food that they prepared for you. At the end of the evening you have received a full 4- or 5- course dinner, one course for every location. 

Since we have too many committees to fit them all in one day, we have divided them over 3 dates, you can sign up for one date, or for multiple! You can do so by chosing the corresponsing ticket after you have clicked on "Sign-up". After you have signed up, you will receive an e-mail that contains the first location where you are expected. A board member will guide your group through the further locations.


Group 1: Studytour, Innatura, Caco, Lifeline

Date: 13th of September

Group 2: FA, EI, FCP, AlmanacFirst Year Committee

Date: 18th of September

Group 3: De Wabber, S.L.A.K., Idiomotor, Paparazcie

Date: 20th of September


Hope to see you there! 

Best wishes, 

Board Vesta 


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