Order a Valentines Day Rose!

Order a Valentines Day Rose!

Lovely Idunaar

Valentines day is coming up, and we are now offering a cupido service!

Order a valentines day rose and attach a cute note for your Idun crush or Idun besties for just 1 euro!

If you provide us with the location of the person or what course they are following that day, we will deliver the roses to them, otherwise we will let them know that a secret admirer has left them a rose and they can pick it up from Idun hok!

The sender of the rose is anonymous unless you want to disclose it yourself in the little note!

The ordering of roses closes 23:59 on 12th of February, so make sure to order yours before that!

The roses will be delivered on 14th of February by your lovely Idun cupidos....


Cheeky kisses,

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