Lovely Idunaren, 


Ready to prove your shooting skills against other members? Or just want a stress reliever during exams? Come join us for a quick game of laser tag on the 4th of april! 


The event will take place at Target Lasergame (Oosterkade 6) with a good price of 12 euros for 2 games of 15 minutes per person. The laser tag will be held in two rounds each hosting 20 participants, one round starting at 19:00h and the other at 20:00h.


Already excited? Be sure to sign-up on Wednesday 20th of March at 19:00H. You will be able to sign-up for either the 19-20 group or the 20-21 group, so make sure to sign-up with all your friends in the same group!!!

Then get ready for war and wear your best army costume! We hope to see you then :D


Exciting kisses,

The FYC 


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