Crazy 88!

Crazy 88!

Hey all first years who have joined a new happy family!

The yearly Crazy88 is here and more fun than ever! You have 2 weeks to complete as many of the 88 tasks on the task list with your godparent family, to win cool prizes and become one with the huge family of Idunaar.

The deadline for the tasks is 28th of September!

Go Crazy!


Paparazcie & Board Vesta


- You are free to do challenges in an order of your choosing, some are worth more points than
others. You can only do each challenge once (one time per team).
- Always make sure that your challenge is captured in either a photo or video.
- At least one person of your team has to do the challenge, if more than 1 person has to be visible it
will be stated clearly in the crazy 88.
- When you send a picture or a video make sure to send the number of the challenge, otherwise you
will get NO points. This is really important, every challenge should have the number + description +


Crazy 88 challenges:
1. Make a picture of a Papzcie member making a picture. (3)
2. Make a video of you doing a Bottle Flip 5 times in a row. Three of your team have to do this
challenge before you get the points. (2)
3. Make a picture of your whole team doing a handstand. (1)
4. Put a whole glass in your mouth and chug it. (4)
5. Do a koprol in het noorderplantsoen. (1)
6. Stick an Idun sticker at an original place. (2)
7. Chug a beer in front of het Pakhuis. (2)
8. Make a selfie with at least one member of kandibestuur. (1)
9. Make a group picture at the Intro-party. (2)
10. Eat an eierbal at the Hoek. (4)
11. Make a picture with the Martinitoren in the background (this picture has to include at least
three members of your group). (1)
12. Tell your best joke to a trash can. (2)
13. Take a selfie with Peerd van ome Loeks (station Groningen). (1)
14. Go to three Idun activities with your group. (3) You get additional points for going to more
Idun activities.
15. Wear matching outfits with your team to an Idun activity. (2)
16. Play ‘haasje over’ in the Noorderplantsoen. (1)
17. Go to the suitequiz organized by the Wabber. (3)
18. Have dinner with your group. (2)
19. Sing “Smelly cat” (from Friends) to a cat. (1)
20. Share a fact about yourself in the big group chat. Only the first team to do this gets the
points. (2)
21. Do the tortilla slap challenge. (3)
22. Make a poem about Groningen. (3)
23. Go to the ‘Grote markt’ or the ‘Vismarkt’ and perform an acrobatic trick. (3)
24. Make a vlog of your study books for at least 40 seconds. (3)
25. Film yourself while calling to a cyclist: ‘Hey, wait! That’s my bike!’. (3)
26. Go play a sport at the ACLO together with your team. (5)
27. Share your best tip to be sustainable, we will provide this tips to Ecolution. (1)
28. Put on all your clothes inside out and make a picture. (1)
29. Sort a bag of M&M’s by colour, smarties are okay as well. (2)
30. Juggle with three objects for at least 20 seconds, round objects are excluded, so good luck.
31. Stick an Idun sticker on your bike. Everyone in your group has to do this to get the points. (2)

32. Sing “Het gras van het noorderplantsoen” out of your window. If you are an international it is
okay to try and reenact it as best as you can. You are allowed to accompany yourself with the
music and song text. (3)
33. Draw some eyes on a vegetable or fruit, he or her is now your mascot. Include your mascot
in at least five of your next videos or pictures. Send one clear picture of your mascot (this is
excluded from the 5 pictures) when you send the 5 videos/pictures clearly state it includes
your mascot including the amounts your mascot has been on a picture. (3)
34. Make up a group yell. (1)
35. Sing the first two parts of the Wilhelmus. (2)
36. Hold a fashion show in your most beautiful clothes with your whole team. (4)
37. Do karaoke with your whole team. (3)
38. Do the Chubby Bunny challenge (put at least 15 marshmallows in your mouth for points). (3)
39. Make a video of you being a professional DJ. (3)
40. Eat an apple in the Grote Appelstraat. (1)
41. Thug a Fernandes (every taste you like) with the shotgun method. (3)
42. Build a 4 layered house of cards. (3)
43. Take a walk around the block in your bathrobe (without clothes under it). (5)
44. Make a photograph of 10 different kinds of traffic signs (not different nameplates). (4)
45. Make a video of your best imitation of Donald Trump. (3)
46. Talk dirty to your Teddy bear for 20 seconds. (3)
47. Confess your worst drinking story. (5)
48. Make a video of you imitating the crazy header of Robin van Persie in the football game
against Spain. Your teammates have to cheer. (4)
49. Make a video of you receiving an award you would love to win. State which award and hold a
very brief acceptance speech. (4)
50. Cut a ribbon like you’re the king or queen. (3)
51. Sing the alphabet from back to front within 1 minute. (4)
52. Go to a Wabber borrel with at least three members of your team. (3)
53. Play beerpong (this can be done at the Wabber borrel). (2)
54. Tell a fun fact to a stranger. (1)
55. Sing the Idun song with someone from the (kandi)board. (2)
56. Reenact your favorite movie scene. (2)
57. Visit the Groninger Museum (free for RUG students). (3)
58. Make the following yoga poses one pose per person and 1 pt per pose; bakasana, a bridge
and a split. (5)
59. Transport three people on one bicycle. (2)
60. Recreate a viral TikTok video containing at least two team members (video has to be made in
the TikTok app). (5)
61. Give a living room concert without the use of any instruments with your whole team. (3)
62. Reenact the “I’m flying, Jack” scene from Titanic in a public place. (3)
63. Go swimming at het Stadsstrand. (1)
64. Carry rocks through the Steenstilstraat. (2)
65. Dress up as Iduna and hand out apples to strangers. (3)
66. Make a video of something as if you are Freek Vonk. (5)
67. Do a dance on the roof of het Forum for at least 10 seconds. (2)
68. Eat a pepper in the Peperstraat. (1)
69. Go to the Beach volleyball tournament organized by the S.L.A.K. (2)
70. Eat a clove of garlic. (5)
71. Wear 15 layers of clothes. (3)
72. Imitate a cow in the Coehoornsingel. (1)
73. Draw a mustache with a waterproof marker. (3)

74. Make your own Idun merch. (2)
75. Walk around with a picture of yourself and ask people if they have seen that person. (4)
76. Catch 15 grapes in your mouth in 30 seconds. The grapes have to be thrown up with a
considerable height. (5)
77. Cut your own or your teammate’s hair. (4)
78. Do the worm in a public place. (1)
79. Hang a spoon on your nose for at least 10 seconds. (1)
80. Attend the pubcrawl organized by the FCP (or if the subscriptions are full, go on one
yourselves with your whole team). (3)
81. Come up with a super cool handshake and perform it. (2)
82. Brush the teeth of your teammate, we care about good mouth hygiene, so you’ll have to
brush for 30 seconds. (3)
83. Say the following sentence 5 times very quickly without errors: "Peter Piper picked a peck of
pickled peppers" or “Als een potvis in een pispot pist zit de pispot vol met potvispis” (2)
84. Make an episode of "Nederland in Beweging" #StayHealthy (You can find this on Google!) (4)
85. Sleep in a bed in IKEA. (1)
86. Eat spaghetti with someone like in “Lady and the Tramp”. (2)
87. Make a human pyramid with at least five people. (5)
88. Act like you’re a bird while grocery shopping. (2)



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