DIES: Crazy 88

DIES: Crazy 88

Dear Idunaren, 

Are you in need of some more action during the Dies? Do you want more chaos, some more excitement and some more goofiness? Then we as Idiomotor prepared a crazy 88 for you!

During the whole dies, you and your team will have the time to complete crazy and silly challenges/tasks, for which you will get points. Of course, as we are the art/culture committee, we've put a cultural/art spin on the challenges. The 3 teams with the most points at the end of the dies, will win some amazing prizes. 

You can join with a  team consisting of max. 6 members.  
Sign up via the website, everyone in the team has to sign up seperately, but mention your teammates in the comments. Do this before the 6th of june at 14:00. You should come up with a good name for your team, cause we might give some points for that as well. 

Then on the 8th of june, the first day of the Dies, on 12:00, your team will recieve the challenges, and you have till 15:00 of  the 15th of june to complete those. 

So do you want to get wild during the Dies? Then sign up now!!




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