On this page, we will provide you with resources if you think you need mental health support. 

If you are experiencing a crisis situation, please click here

The Student Service Center of the RUG offers various courses and workshops related to mental health which mostly are free of charge. They can be found by clicking here. Workshops and courses are provided in the following area's:

  • Study Skills
    • Effective Studying
    • Dare to give a presentation
    • Academic Writing Skills
    • Speedreading
  • Self-Discipline
    • Thesis Support Group
    • Quit Procastinating
  • Personal development
    • Overcome your fear of failure
    • Socializing for internationals
    • Embrace imperfection
  • Managing stress
    • Mindfullness Based Stress Reduction

There are also walks organised, if you would like to have a talk to someone. Click here

For more mental support by the RUG, click here

Individual Support

Within the RUG, several options are available for individual support. These are listed here: 

  • Student counsellors: contact them if you experience circumstances that make studying more difficult, or that can cause study delay. Click here for more information
  • Online self-support: click here
  • Student psychologists: contact them if you would like to have support for certain personal issues. For example, if you experience stress complaints or feel anxious or depressed. For more information on how to contact a student psychologist, click here

Outside of the RUG, also several options are available for individual support regarding your mental health. These are listed here: 

  • If you are experiencing mental problems, you can contact your GP. They can then put you in touch with suitable care providers within their own general practice or elsewhere. It's important to be registered with a GP, and to take out health insurance. Without this, you would not be possible to be reimbursed for the cost of any care. Some examples of well-known mental support outside the RUG in Groningen are:
    • HSK Groningen
    • Lentis

Sexual Health

If you experienced sexual abuse, please click here for help

For more information about sexual health, please click here