First Year

Here, you can look into the YR minutes for first years courses. Please select a period in the menu on the right.

Note: As of 2018-2019, evaluations for first year courses of 2017-2018 or older are left out intentionally, as these are no longer relevant due to the revised curriculum.

The Year Representation (YR, formerly known as the "Jaarvertegenwoordiging" or "JVT") is the advisory council for the Programme Committee (PC) of the bachelors Biology and LS&T. The students of the YR make notice of problems and points of improvement in the bachelors that are not noticed by the PC. Complaints are mostly handled by the PC, but students can also go to members of the YR when they have issues or point of improvements regarding a course. Therefore, the YR has a good idea of what the general opinion of students is regarding their study programme. The feedback of the YR is discussed during the meetings of the PC and can cause big changes in courses. Therefore, the YR is a very influential coucil. 

The YR consists of 5-15 students from every major. This way, the YR can discuss most of the courses that are given. After each period (so four times a year) the YR gets together and discusses every course from the previous period. The Commissioner of Education from GLV Idun chairs these meetings and is responsible for communicating the evaluations to the PC.

There are two different YRs; one for the first year students and one for the second and third year students. Everyone is free to join a YR and give their opinion on courses. Feedback on courses is very important, and GLV Idun is always on the lookout for critical thinkers. Send and e-mail to if you want to become a YR member. You can join at any time of the year!

YR-1 2018-2019

Dildar Baz (2018) -
Lisa Bevers (2018) -
Stijn van Eijk (2018) -
Suzanne Jansen (2015) Board representative
Diana Jecu (2018) -
Anna de Jong (2018) -
Charles Mol (2015) -
Laurens Peer (2018) -
Ludolf Anne Frederik Hendrik van Wouw (2018) -