The Year Representation (''Jaarvertegenwoordiging'', JVT) is a group of students that evaluates courses from the bachelors Biology and Life Science and Technology. There is a JVT for year 1 and a JVT for year 2/3, for each major. You can use these evaluations to assist you in choosing your second and third year courses. Furthermore, the Commissioner of Education uses the students' input to gain a better image of the courses' strong and weak points, and can use this info for example during Programme Committee meetings. 

Want to give your opinion on courses and join a JVT? Send an e-mail to Everyone who wants to join, can join!

Note: Most course evaluations of the JVT are in Dutch. Would you like to read the course evaluations for certain courses in English? Please contact the board (, or stop by at 't Hok or 't Huisje. 

Note: As of 2018-2019, evaluations for first year courses of 2017-2018 or older are left out intentionally, as these are no longer relevant due to the revised curriculum.