Below is a list of summaries of the second and third year courses in period 2a. The year indicates when the summery is written. This shows you how recent and relevant a summary is. If there is no summary for a course, this means that we do not have one. Have you written a summary for a course that does not have one yet? Or have you written a more recent one? Send it to and help your fellow students!

Attention! These summaries are written by students. Each year the courses can change, so these summaries are not 100% acurate. Therefore, they should only be used as support during learning. You are not supposed to e-mail the person who wrote the summary if you find mistakes! 

Biokatalyse & Membraanenzymologie Research

Biologie van Kanker

Biologische Evaluatie van Implantaten

Biomoleculaire Chemie Research

Biostatistiek N2

Computational Molecular Biology Research

Ecological & Evolutionary Genomics Research

Ecologie & Gedrag

File name File size
Ecologie__Gedrag_12-13.pdf 4.2 MB
Ecologie__Gedrag_13-14.pdf 178.3 kB


File name File size
Endocrinologie_13-14.pdf 508.5 kB
Endocrinologie_14-15.docx 202.2 kB

Farmaceutische Microbiologie



Fysiologische Ecologie Research

Geneesmiddel van Target tot Gebruik

Genomics & Proteomics

Het Cardiovasculair Systeem

Immunologie II

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Immunologie_2_13-14.pdf 294.0 kB
Immunologie_2_14-15.pdf 3.4 MB

Infecties & Tumoren

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Infecties__Tumoren_12-13.docx 542.2 kB

Medische Implantaten

Metabolisme & Toxicologie

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Metabolisme__Toxicologie_14-15.docx 231.2 kB

Metabolisme & Voeding

Moleculaire & Cellulaire Microscopie

Regenerative Medicine

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Regenerative_Medicine_samenvatting.docx 10.2 MB