Programme Committee Master Biology

The Programme Committee (PC) Biology (master) is the representative body of the degree programs of Biology, Ecology & Evolution, Marine Biology and Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (Biomolecular Sciences). The committee is comprised of staff members and students and contributes to ensure the quality of the programs. The student group, teacher group and academic advisors meet about once a month and discuss about the quality of courses and the OER, which is the document about the rules and requirement to gain a diploma. Furthermore, current issues regarding to the program, courses or projects are discussed and advice is given to the program director. In addition, the PC provides for the teacher of the year award. The committee publishes their annual report including the course evaluations on the student portal. 

Do you have any comments about the programme or do you have a problem with one of the courses or internships, please let us know directly or per mail ( so we can include this in the meetings. Would you like to be a member of the programme committee please send your motivation to the same e-mail address: Because of our flexible programme, students usually can be a member of the Programme Committee for only one year.