Dear fellow Biology student,

LOBS (National Deliberation Biology Students) is an organisation for and by biology students in the Netherlands. We offer information on all the biology study programmes in the Netherlands and organise national events with biology as the central topic. An example is the annual Master of biology day in Utrecht.

The past four years, we have also organised the National conference Biology Students (NCBS). This year, LOBS will present the fifth edition of the NCBS on November 22nd2019!  The event will again take place in the congress room and foyer of Safari Centre Burgers’ Zoo at Arnhem.

What the NCBS is about:

The main event of the congress will be the presentation of the national, exclusively for biology students, thesis prize: ‘The Darwin’. With this conference we offer enthusiastic and talented students (both Bachelor and Master) the opportunity to present their own research to a larger audience, which will contribute to the integration of different universities, research fields and biology students. Moreover, it will also boost your own scientific career!

Participating in the contest:

Did you write your bachelor or master thesis in 2018 or 2019 and would you like to present your thesis at the National Congress for Biology Students? Then enroll by uploading your thesis to our website:!

Out of all the submitted theses, a selection will be made of the three best bachelor and master students. If you are one of those lucky few, you receive the honour of presenting your thesis (max. 20 min) in the conference room in Burgers' Zoo in front of a huge audience consisting of fellow-students, researchers, teachers and other biology enthusiasts. A renowned jury will get the opportunity to question you in order to get the story clear. At the end of the night, this jury will determine the winner of ‘the Darwin’. The jury consists of renowned biologists from board of directors, business life, and the academic world. 

The student with the best thesis will receive 'The Darwin' and a publication in Bionieuws! In the edition after the conference, there will be a page available for describing your thesis, your plans for the future or for an interview (all is debatable). Your publication in Bionieuws will be read by the 5300 biologists who are affiliated with the Dutch Institute for Biology (NIBI)!

Students that were very close but were not selected for the oral presentations will be granted the opportunity to present their thesis in the foyer by means of a poster presentation. The audience will vote for the best poster and, of course, the winner will receive a prize!

The deadline for submitting your thesis is September 30th 2019.

Buying tickets:

Of course you can also just buy a ticket and watch visit the zoo and watch the speakers. Tickets include entrance to the conference, free entrance to the zoo (from 10:00 h), dinner and drinks. More information on tickets and pricing will be announced soon.

There will also be a keynote speaker, which is to be announced.

The NCBS is organised by LOBS in collaboration with the Dutch universities and the Dutch Institute for Biology (NIBI). If you have any questions with respect to the conference, please do not hesitate to contact us via we are more than happy to provide you with more information.