Honours College

The Honours College gives talented, motivated students the opportunity to challenge themselves even more by offering an extra programme (Bachelor 45 ECTS - Master 15 ECTS) that is followed in addition to the regular Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme. You can participate without paying extra tuition fees. The main aim of the Honours programme is to develop talent and initiative!

In the Bachelor’s Honours Programme, the emphasis is therefore on greater depth and breadth, while the Master’s Honours Programme is geared to the development of leadership skills. In both Honours programmes the emphasis is on a multidisciplinary approach to scientific and social issues.

Admission to the programme is by selection, since the number of places (around 300) available on the Bachelor’s Honours Programme is limited. In order to quality for admission to the Bachelor’s Honours Programme, you must meet these minimum requirements.

The top 10% of students on the Bachelor’s degree programme (based on the study results) are invited to apply. Students who have not received an invitation can also apply (on a ‘wild card’ basis). If the student can convince the Admissions Board on the basis of his or her CV, letter and an explanatory meeting that he or she is sufficiently motivated and suitable for the Honours path, the Board may decide to admit the student.

The Admissions Board assesses students on the following criteria:

  • motivation for seeking admission to the Honours programme: the student is ambitious and wants to excel
  • study results
  • potential in terms of completing the Bachelor’s Honours Programme within the specified period of three years
  • the student is keen to explore the boundaries of his/her own discipline and look beyond them.

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