The university wants to give students the opportunity to protect themselves and others against COVID-19 during practicals and tutorials. Therefore we sell face shields in our webshop, in collaboration with the university. They are approved for use in the lab and can be used in place of safety goggles. The use of a face shield is voluntary and cannot be required to participate in a practical or tutorial.

Note: the face shields will NOT be allowed in the Cell Biology part of the Practical Optics & Cell Biology, and during the Lab Course in period Ib.

Ordering works as follows:


For members: 

Go to the menu 'Webshop' and click 'Lab Equipment'. If you order a face shield before 16:30 on weekdays, it will be available for you to pick up at one of the stewards in the Nijenborgh the next working day. Payment will be done via direct debit.

For non-members: 

Transfer €8,55 to NL94ABNA0601565126 with in the description: Face shield - your student number.

Example: Face shield - S1234567

We will process your order after receiving the payment, so keep in mind that it might take a day or two for it to come through.

Please also send an email to board@idun.nl to let us know that you ordered a face shield.

When we have processed your order, the face shield will be available for you to pick up at one of the stewards at the entrance of the Nijenborgh, after you show them your student card. They wear red t-shirts or fluorescent jackets.