Biology and LS&T have some courses that are concidered more difficult than others. To help members, GLV Idun organizes free exam support sessions for these courses.  The exam support sessions take place before the (re-)examinations of those courses.

The classes are given by students that have already taken the courses (and were very good at them!). During the exam support sessions, an old exam is discussed and there is plenty of oppurtunity to ask questions. The classes have proven to be very useful when you need some extra practice before the (re-)examiniation.

Exam support sessions for 2018-2019 are listed below:



Is statistics just not your thing? Could you use an extra push to pass your exams? Look no further. We've got an upcoming exam support session for Biostatistics 1! Skilled tutors will help you practice for the examination. During the session, you will work on a practice exam and you can ask them all the questions you may have. You can sign up on this page. Be quick, because there are only 25 spots available.

Good luck with your exams!

-Board Apollo


To help you prepare for the Bio-organic Chemistry exam, we've organized an Exam Support Session! On Tuesday, October 30, experienced tutors will be available for all your questions from 15:00 - 18:00 in 5173.0176 (Linnaeusborg). During the session, the re-examination of January 2014 will be discussed. It is not necessary to prepare the exam, as you will be making that exam during the session. Sign up for the event here

Also, if you'd just like to study, a Learning Community session will be available from 10:00 - 15:00 without the tutors, so you have some more time to study in quiet for your upcoming exams.

Get educated, and get smart!
- Board Apollo


​Coming up is an Exam Support Session for the BME Master course Control Engineering! This session is organised in collaboration with G.T.D. Bernoulli and de Chemische Binding. During this session, the course coordinator Claudio De Persis will go over a mock exam on the 30th of October from 9:00-13:00 in 5159.0029 (Energy Academy). There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions and you'll be super prepared for your exam! You can just walk in during the session, no need to sign up. No worries, there will be coffee as well.

​After the mock exam with Claudio de Persis, a teaching assistant will be present in LB 5173.0050 from 13:00-15:00 who can help you with studying.

GLV Idun also collaborates with AthenaStudies.

Athenastudies is an exam course enterprise by and for students with a strong focus on quality.We want to offer Idun's members the best exam courses for a low price. The teachers that are hired by AthenaStudies are required to have completed the course themselves with an 8 or higher. Subsequently, the teachers must receive an average evaluation of a 7.5 or higher from their students to be allowed to teach courses for AthenaStudies. Therefore, students are always assured of an exam course with outstanding quality. It is for a reason that the exam pass rate of Athenastudies is at an exceptional level of 87%. You can sign up for an exam course at or where all courses offered for the faculty FWN can be found. Example of upcoming exam courses are:

Bio-Organische Chemie, Moleculen & Reactiviteit, Biomathematica (from Inleiding in de Biomathematica en Biostatistiek), Biomathematica en-statistiek  and Wiskunde voor Levenswetenschappen.

These exam courses of AthenaStudies will be given before the first exam as well as for the resit. 

Up for the challenge to help others? Apply as a tutor for AthenaStudies. You can apply or ask for more information by sending an email to