Activity Recap

So far the Lustrum Committee has organised two activities that were a great succes:

Lustrum Beer Release Dinner/Drinks/Party

After a long day of studying, there is nothing more fun that sitting and relaxing with your friends. The Lustrum Beer release party was the perfect opportunity to do this, while enjoying some craft beers! Starting the night with the special Lustrum Beer, which was a very nice craft beer, and talking with 2 good friends felt very relaxing. After a bit of time, we got our dinner, vegetarian lasagne, which was delicious. The general atmosphere was cosy, and it seemed that everyone was having fun. Getting the opportunity to see my friends and get craft beer during these uncertain times felt great! My friends and I had a great time, and I hope that in the future, events like these will happen again!

Find the pictures here

End Party

After the summer holiday it was nice to see so many familiar and new faces of GLV Idun at the introborrel. Even though it was a chilly evening the warmth of friendship could be felt all over the terrain of Stadslab. The sweet green Lustrum cocktail was a great success and many people tried this special Lustrum offer. Overall it was a very “gezellige” evening and everybody had a lot of fun catching up on summer adventures from friends and getting to know the freshmans. 

Find the pictures here