The theme of the third Lustrum is ARCADIA, Garden of Idun

Arcadia, originally refers to a time long ago when people lived in harmony with nature and inhabited an idyllic vision of unspoiled wilderness. Arcadia was known as the paradise, where the Greek god Pan lived together with his court of supernaturals. Pan is recognized as the god of the wild, the groves and wooded glens and is connected to the season of spring. Since Pan and his court moved to another world, humans were granted to create their own ARCADIA. Anywhere can become ARCADIA. The Christian counterpart of the Greek Arcadia is the well known Garden of Eden, the garden in which Adam and Eve lived. It is a place of exquisite beauty and vitality, a place that owns the tree of life and a place that is related to opulence and bliss. Not without reason that the Garden of Eden is seen as a beautifully and perfectly created paradise. 

Everyone of us started this when we moved to Groningen to study Biology. For us as students of the Life Sciences we know how important it is to be in harmony with nature and this is something that roots deep within us. We have learned about the wilderness that hosts humans, bacteria, animals and plants. We learned about evolution and the beauty of the human body. And in this process we created something magical, something so pure but still so wild. Our Arcadia refers to our student life; making connections through all the social activities our association and its committees organise, having crazy, unspoiled, wild parties, but also gaining numerous experiences and knowledge because of our Arcadia within the Garden of Idun. Fifteen years ago a seed was planted that would sprout to become G.L.V. Idun: OUR ARCADIA.


Meet the committee in the Commishier of the LifeLine: here