Commishier: De Wabber

Waddup y’all. We’re De Wabber and in our headquarters – also known as the Suite – there’s always more space for entertainment! If you doubt this rather bold statement, we highly encourage you to come and see for yourself on a random Thursday’s afternoon/evening (just make sure you’re in before 20:00, otherwise the security of the Linnaeusborg will be mad at you. Anyways… Thursdays! We organise a borrol every Thursday! We are probably the committee that organises the most activities in a single year. At least once a month, preferably twice we make sure there is enough entertainment within Idun. If you don’t agree, challenge us to a game of beerpong on the borrol and see whether you still think that afterwards.

Did I put a promo in for the borrol on Thursday already? It’s fun. If you don’t like beerpong, we also do other stuff, which you can check by looking in the suite at our collection of beautiful posters or by looking at our facebook page.

See you next Thursday.

De Wabber

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