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Learning new things doesn't have to be boring. That's something InNatura, as the Braintainment Committee of GLV Idun, likes to show you. Each year, we search for new, informative and fun activities like workshops, lectures, and excursions, open to all members of Idun, to make your time as a student more interesting and amusing! Currently, our committee consists of nine members active in various Bachelor majors and Masters. To give you a little idea as to who we REALLY are, we prefer to give the word to our unique Pokémon ;)

Our leading lady and chairwoman is Micha-Ella who identifies as a Mewtwo. A rare pokemon with a little temper, but a sensitive and thoughtful spirit at heart. She takes pride in her great abilities to lead us and deeply cares about this committee just like a Mewtwo would.

Always making the most of sunshine and nature, just like Leafeon, is Zaki. Similar to the Pokémon, despite being a little shy, he enjoys meeting new people and making friends as our Secretary, but most importantly, values the ones closest to his heart.

She who keeps our finances in check is known as Merith, or better our lovely adorable Eevee. At first glance, Eevees might just look as the cutest Pokémon here, but they are nonetheless epic and loyal hardworking Pokémon.

Victoria shares some skills with Totodile, while making deals with companies to support our activities. Her blunt but genuine personality goes well along with her eagerness to try new things, which sure comes in handy to make good deals.

She’s not only good with animals, but Iris also loves nature. She likes the outdoors and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty to get things done, just as a Bayleef likes it. Similar to Bayleef, she’s lives her life like she wants to, but she loves to share it with others!

Sophie, just like Raikou, may take time to open up to someone, but once you’ve earned her trust, she can become your greatest friend! She’s does not like to be bound by routine, as much so she likes to switch it up from time to time with new challenges.

Just as it is rare to spot a Lucario, it can also be rare to spot Medeea out and among the people. Nevertheless, she works from the shadows and keeps herself loyal to a small group, always looking for the small moments of enjoyment between studying sessions.

When one of us is down, we have our very own Celebi lover, Ezgi, who enjoys cheering us up. Like her Pokémon, she’s very humble and easygoing with a strong sense of self. She will stand for us and herself when needed.

Our final member, Nastea, is someone to admire, like her Pokémon Pikachu. She’s very much loved by those in her surroundings who even aspire to be more like her. She has a lot of integrity and deeply loves her family and friends.

Now that you know a little bit more about us, we would love to meet you as well in the future, during our activities or those of other committees. Befriend us on our Facebook page InNa Tura to make sure you don’t miss a thing :)

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