Study tips for at Home

Study tips for at Home

Fellow quarantiners,

During these times of quarantine, we are all challenged to perform our study related tasks online and at home. While it might be easier for some to be productive at home, others might be struggling a bit more. To help everybody, we decided to make a news article with useful tips and tricks that you can use to become a little bit more effective at managing your online classes, assignments etc. Below you can find some useful tips provided by list Calimero.

On Nestor, you can find the tap Study Info, which is where you can find the following initiatives of the Student Service Centre (SSC):

  • A free study group, in which you get connected with a couple of students and a trainer to motivate each other and make a planning for the week;
  • A free thesis group, which is the same idea, but focused on writing a thesis;
  • A free course that teaches you how to deal with postponing stuff and a lack of motivation during the corona crisis;
  • A free one-on-one conversation with a trainer from the Student Service Center that will give you personal advice on how to effectively study during the corona crisis; and
  • In the tap Study Info, you can also find the student psychologists and the initiative All Ears if students need someone to talk to. Study Advisors are also always available for a short chat or study related advice.

Good luck y’all with studying!

Love Board Carbon!


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