Merchandise delivery service + discount

Merchandise delivery service + discount

Dear members,

As you absolutely will know by now, is that COVID-19 really is a pain in the ass. We really miss all the social-, educational- and career related activities and especially you guys. Sometimes we shed a tear while recalling those amazing memories that we made together. This is not our only problem, because we still have a bunch of Idun merchandise left. These include: flip-flops, hats, sweatpants, socks and pockies. We do not like to be unsustainable, nor do we like to restrain you from the Idun merchandise.

Luckily we found a great solution: BOARD CARBON DELIVERY SERVICE!!!!!! This means that every merchandise order between the 1st of May till the 1st of June, will be delivered at your address by bike*.

As the title of the article already mentions, the prices of the merchandise have decreased. Not because of the low oil prices, but just because we love you!

Flipflops: €10,-
Hat: €4,-
Socks: €4,-
Sweatpants: €12,50
Pockies: €7,50
Mugs: €3,-
Beer Mass: €3,-

*Please keep in mind that we only deliver within a range of 5km from the Linneausborg, and we cannot guaranty that your order will be delivered within 24h?


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