Symposium Committee

Dear reader,

We are the symposium committee and we organize the yearly symposium together. This a fun day

filled with many interesting readings and interactive workshops about one particular theme.

We choose a new theme every year. Some examples from themes of previous symposiums are the

pharmaceutical industries, the five senses, crime scenes or sex. As you can see, these themes can be

related to biology but they don’t have to be! After this we have to figure out which interesting

speakers we want to invite that fit with our theme and which workshops we want to give. For

instance Dick Swaab once spoke at our symposium.

Organizing the symposium is of course fun, but next to this we also just like to hang out and relax.

For instance we also go on a committee weekend each year and have a beer or sangria together

after our meeting! Are you already enthusiastic? And do you want to combine serious business with

lots of fun? Join the Symposium Committee!


Symposium committee 2019-2020

Michelle Hettinga (2016) Chairman
Annabelle van Horssen (2017) Secretary
Kas Bijker (2016) Treasurer
Linde van Dongen (2016) Acquisition
Femke Nadema (2016) Speakers & Program
Lisa Bouwman (2017) Workshops & Vice-Chairman
Dide Hormes (2018) Public relations