StudyTour Committee

The Study Tour

During previous years, the Study Tour of GLV Idun was linked to the Course ‘Orientation on International Careers (OIC)’. From now on, we, as the Study Tour committee, will organize our own tour. That’s why we are currently mainly focused on the rearrangement of the tour. To give insight in the program of the upcoming study tours, we will give a short overview of the planned activities for next year.

During the Study Tour, which will take place in one of the first weeks of July 2020, we will visit a city in a foreign country for 5-6 days. During these days, visits to the university and different companies are planned. Those activities will be combined with cultural related activities, spare time and a lot of fun!

Case solving activity

To build a bridge between university and business, we want to give students more insight in translating academic knowledge into a relevant report for companies. Therefore we will organize an additional activity at the beginning of the year. This activity will include a workshop and a few meetings, all linked to how to solve cases supplied by domestic and/ or foreign companies. For students a perfect way to get in touch with companies and to be well prepared for the companyvisits during the Study Tour.

Possibilities for companies

In addition, Biology related companies have the ultimate chance to provide a case which will be solved by our ambitious bachelor and/ or master students. Those students will be selected by their motivation and will follow the case related workshops and meetings. This selection together with the meetings will create an environment in which the most recent academic knowledge will be used to solve cases in an accessible way. For companies a great opportunity to broaden their view!

Studytour 2019-2020

Joeri Rolwes (2017) Chairman
Bianca Sibering (2015) Secretary
Maureen Swier (2017) Treasurer
Jasmin Schelhaas (2015) Acquisition
Nikita Buitenhuis (2018) Acquisition
Hilde Bruggen (2015) Acquisition
Judith Bentvelzen (2018) PR
Martijn van der Meer (2015) General member