Lustrum Committee

Once every 5 years, a lustrum committee pops up to make sure the next lustrum year of GLV Idun will be the best one yet! 2020-2021 will be the third lustrum year and it is our responsibility to make it a year you will never forget. From parties to merchandise, we do it all. This year’s lustrum committee is a holy combination of 8 women. We are all members of other committees, so you could say we are experienced Idunaren.

When it comes to brainstorming, the sky's the limit, ideas are never too crazy, our budget never runs out, and no colour is too bright! And then, once in a while, a crazy idea doesn’t seem so crazy anymore and we make it real.

So, be amazed about everything we have in store for you next year. See you then!

P.S. crazy ideas are always welcome, mail us at

Lustrum Committee 2019-2020

Sigrid Baas (2017) General member
Bob Evenhuis (2016) General member
Akke Gervedink Nijhuis (2017) General member
Lieke van Iersel (2016) General member
Myrna Kooij (2019) Treasurer
Lynn Kromojahjo (2015) PR
Hui Ting Li (2017) General member
Maureen Swier (2017) Secretary
Kris Vasse (2018) Acquisition
Flo Wijnhorst (2018) Chairman