KasCo (Audit Committee)

Hi there,

The Audit Committee of Idun is the support of the treasurer of the board. We are an advisory as well as a supervisory committee. While enjoying a good cup of coffee or tea and some nice snacks, every receipt and coin will be scanned through our eagle eyes. Receipts that were handed in too late, plastic bags that slip through, personal groceries on the receipt, cash differences that need to be clarified, we take care of it all!

We are the only committee that is necessary according to the statutes of Idun, a.k.a. we’re the most important committee!!
So, don’t mess with us and don’t hand in your receipt after the deadline!!

With (money) love,
The Audit Committee

Kasco 2019-2020

Floris Pekel (2016) Chairman
Jurrian de Boer (2014) -
Inge Visscher (2014) -
Maureen Swier (2017) -
Marianne Molenaar (2017) -
Toon Scheurink (2015) -
Robin Merjenburgh (2014) -
Eline de Jager (2017) -
Jelleke de Jonge (2015) -